Site keeps hanging lately

  • Like the title says, site keeps hanging lately, without counting the time
    the radio plays.
    Radio is on and activity is 0 for quite some time.
    Like right now that i checked, where the points were 0 dont know for how long and the site went inoperable completely...

  • Anyone else, having the same issue?
    I am using google chrome, still nothing is getting credited...

    Can you please reply, if your counters work properly, to check if i am the only one
    facing this issue?

    Thank you

  • Still the meters are at 0. Even tried with different radio stations.
    Not getting anything...

  • @Bitiofor

    no problems with Activity Points. Payouts are on a random base for testing so they might be delay'd...

    Please let us know which Station you are listening to (Link) and your User-ID so that the admin can check the Database...

    br Azu

  • Same problem. From 01:00 AM AP and minutes not added.

  • @Bitiofor Same problem here....all zeros!...:(...

  • @azu Hi, how are you?!
    Username: jang
    Ref: 6517
    Radiostation: Radio Record Russian Mix
    Last 10 hours of listening: Activity points 0.000 and Payout 0.000
    Where is the problem?!...:)...

  • @azu

    admin administrators
    ‎Mar‎ ‎23‎, ‎2017‎ ‎1‎:‎14‎ ‎AM  @Adhamkalou

    @Adhamkalou yes at the moment it is possible to create more accounts over one IP Address.
    So where is the problem?!!!...

  • They have changed the rules probably, but no matter what they should have put
    an announcement about it !

  • administrators

    i will make an announcement in this forum. i have already posted it on Bitcointalk. But i will do one today in this Forum...


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