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    First of all: no one is suspected personally as a cheater.

    Short explanation: yesterday we introduced a new system to protect our users and limit the rewards to one stream per IP.

    At the moment there are 120 BRO per hour that are distributed to all Users who listen to an Radio Station.

    Unfortunately, we had to determine that some Users had up to 40 Streams from a single IP address.

    This reduced the shares of all other users - in other Word they cheated all honest Users that used our Service in the way it was mentioned.

    Right now the Fraud Prevention System is not perfect and leads to unawaited Side effects.
    We are looking for a 'healty-way' to protect honest Users and to enable more than One Stream per IP.

    Your Bitrad.io-Team

  • Hi there,
    First I tried to create a account on Chrome, and it seemed to be failed and again, that is , both are not be established successfully, so I change to IE , and successfully build a account, but I got the wrong message said system detect multiple accounts from my IP Address , but I only have one account indeed and I tried deleting both explorer's cookies and it didn't work too.

    my user ID: cool8676
    my IP:
    my wallet:BoGXoZGTWmQBdBwPDhWTWPxFRpnmADguqA

  • @admin My friend, I am new in this incredible form of mining, I have my account and my brother is referred by me, and we live in the same house, therefore, we have the same IP address in different machines because de Internet provider.
    I have notice that when we both use the radio on both machines the balance stay in zero (at least mine) I don't know if this can carry me some kind of trouble.
    Hope for your answer to avoid future problems with my account and with my brother account .


  • Can we use one account from multiple IP? say i want to listen to radio in multiple rooms at home on different devices.

  • @jlramirezb One of you should log in under Opera* with VPN, or you should ask for 2 IPs from your Internet Provider. Then assign each IP to one computer.

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