Dice - spend or earn BRO with betting.

  • Hello, a new feature has arrived.

    Welcome to Bitrad.Io Dice Website where you can make Bets and win/loose BRO!

    Minimum to play on our new website: 0,0001 BRO
    Instant Deposits and Withdraws!: 1 Confirmation required!
    (Withdraws can take up to 5 Minutes before we send out coins)

    Join in:

    If you have further questions, ask in this topic.

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  • @Bo What will happen with BRO's that are made as site profits from fees?

  • @Ractaros96 All bro profited from the website will be Burned.

  • Hi admin, can you specify what is a invest tab? what is a bonus? what do you mean if level higher i get more from rain???? what is this?

  • @udev
    Invest tab: You can invest Brocoins in the website, when the website looses you loose % of your investement, when the website wins you win % of the website's revnue.
    The other's functions i can't explane i think they are not available yet, as soon as i get info about them i will let you know.

  • I dont have an endless supply to keep losing it all to a dice site. I will wait for a faucet site where i can hope to earn.

  • I wonder, If I should invest. In the long run the site should generate pure profit, yet I'm not sure.

  • люди привет!!! я два дня херачу посты за радио и слушаю его 20 часов в сутки, но мой зароботок в день 0.10226535 BRO это что прикол или это норм, или я что то не то делаю??? радио высшее, я бы его и так слушал на самом деле, но заработать тут реально или нет, не пойму

  • Whoa! I've just entered dice site and site profits jumped from 450 BRO yesterday morning to 7100 BRO today! Someone did lost a lot of money in there.

  • @Ractaros96 Another 7000BRO will be soon added to site profit.

  • @yonseiyes The other 7200BRO will be soon added to site profits

  • Where is my transaction? Sent 16 Bro to BoPVeo6P2wNDpvg5wpvgpgNb2JgBxSd9cA address.
    TX ea25a6c717cce229040f9a87f4bfdad910897e753bf013eaa8b7150ffca63eb9 has (791 confirmations). Balance on till zero.

  • there is 1 big problem! site already have 14k profit that mean every user have chance for win around 30%-40% for x2 reward, and all password are generated before the spin, each password have their response-> if you lose site will give you password with a lose bet. You can claim unlimited lose more than 9999999... This thing making a bro coin little bit for scam.

  • @udev Not sure I understand you. The win chance is 49,5%. Those missing 0,5% is site profit. Ultimately, no matter how much you play, you will always lose to the site in the long run. It's a gamble like in casino - the house always wins.

    Right now, the site profit is about 1% of all the BRO's wagered. It should get close to 0,5% with even more BRO wagered.

  • Where is my transaction Bo please? Sent 1 Bro to BYZ79KHwVJt1LY8gpXecuCTgmdadkZvHoW address.
    My balance on till zero.

    Status: 610 confirmations
    Date: 30/12/2017 17:04
    To: DICE BYZ79KHwVJt1LY8gpXecuCTgmdadkZvHoW
    Debit: -1.00 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.02 BRO
    Net amount: -1.02 BRO
    Transaction ID: 1ba3ac60612514f2629df96e42273ad8e4abf963184e9d956e415295e8283564-000


  • Не пришли 3 транзакции на 789 подтверждений, подскажите что делать!

  • Now I sent another transaction and my balance on still zero. What happens? Bo please!

    Status: 16 confirmations, broadcast through 28 node(s)
    Date: 01/01/2018 15:24
    To: DICE BYZ79KHwVJt1LY8gpXecuCTgmdadkZvHoW
    Debit: -1.10 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.02 BRO
    Net amount: -1.12 BRO
    Transaction ID: fe0d7fbb523b4c898bfa8312197708f6110b8dabdc71cd76c14e19943681458d-000

  • Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Unable to connect to http://bitradiorpc:du73ajd934jajj3@' in /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/jsonRPC/jsonRPCClient.php:139 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/CurrencyAPI/CurrencyAPI.class.php(21): jsonRPCClient->__call('getnewaddress', Array) #1 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/user/User.class.php(93): CurrencyAPI->__call('getnewaddress', Array) #2 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/user/User.class.php(93): CurrencyAPI->getnewaddress() #3 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/user/User.class.php(8): User->createUser() #4 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/global.php(74): User->__construct() #5 /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/index.php(2): require('/var/www/html/b...') #6 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/bitradio/dice/bro/classes/jsonRPC/jsonRPCClient.php on line 139

  • @Necromurloc
    Don't you have a PC? *g*
    The error occurs (as far as I know) only with mobile browsers.

  • @Nikko288
    I've got the same problem. 26 BROs were not credited.
    Does everyone now have to post the Tx ID or is it enough to just wait and see?
    Is it perhaps because the Tx has two outputs? With my previous Tx with one output each everything worked immediately.

    Edit: After 2 days my 26 BRO were credited.

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