no payout

  • on my profile it shows that i should be payed 11 times but only the first 2 times money got to the wallet, where is the rest?

  • administrators

    please let me know your user id...



    BmdoyAQ3Yt98YpdhGHxMZwdDs5qbdjS6NP ( payout address)
    do you need something else?

  • administrators

    your user id. you can find it in your profile. (Referal section)
    you hav egot 14 payouts so far

  • then it must be the wallet fault or is not in sync because my balance on wallet is 0.2184598 BRO

  • @nimaveze

    There are 2 Options to fix this Issue:

    1.) Let your Wallet look for missing Transactions:

    • close your Client

    • Start your Wallet by Hand with:

    • Windows Key + R and enter the following:
      \path\2\your\Wallet\Bitradio-qt_v1000.exe -rescan (followed by Enter or click OK)

    This starts your Client and let it check all Blocks it has downloaded...
    Wallet will be unresponsive while doing this but it's faster than the otherOption

    2.) Complete resync of your Blockchain:

    • Close Client
    • Hit Windows + R and enter: %appdata% (followed by Enter or click OK)
    • open Bitradio Folder
    • copy your "wallet.dat" File to a Safe place!!!
      (This File is essential, it contains all Private Key(s) to your Wallet(s) - Should be stored in a safe Place in any Case!)
      delete all Files and Folders in the Bitradio Folder except the wallet.dat
    • restart your Bitradio Wallet
    • sync should start within 5 Minutes and might take up to an hour to be finished (depends on Connection Speed and available Clients)

    If you run into any Problems please drop me a Line here in the Forum or Join our Telegraph Chat for Instant help!

    cheers Azu

  • oo man thanx very very much, i really appriciate the help, the first one didnt work , the second one did, im very glad that u helped me, respect man , ur awesome

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