No payments are made

  • No payments are made -
    What should I do?
    Thank you!

  • @mbs

    Hi mbs,

    for security reasons it would be better to Post in clear text or upload the Picture to the Forum instead of using 3rd Party Hosters...

    How ever, the Address you've entered in your User Profile doesn't match with BRO!

    13wbUKve4PcyYB6kF9S5AG4a5auD87e434 seems to be an BTC Address and will only receive BTC's !

    To get your BRO just copy your BRO Coin Address from your Wallet (click on 'Receive' on the leftside in the Wallet-Client) and paste it in your Profile!

    cheers Azu.

  • @azu
    Re: No payments are made
    I did so, but nothing has changed. Charges are not made!!!
    1_1494650266592_профиль.jpg 0_1494650266592_кошелек.jpg

  • @mbs

    sorry, we had some Updates last night and admin put an Announcement online that there would be no payouts.

    Have you checked lately and received a payout yet?

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