on Blockchain Dynamics Podcast!

  • Hi BitRadio,

    Blockchain Dynamics is a weekly podcast which focuses primarily on altcoins. Lots of altcoin enthusiasts/investors turn to listen to the podcast.

    I asked them to cover last week and that is exactly what they did in their most recent episode #63 which took place on 5/14/2017 (if you don't have time to listen to the entire podcast which is about 1 hour 8 minutes long). You can listen to their review about as from 59:15 enjoy >>

    @administrators @admin you might consider reaching out to them for some partnership or providing them with some more promotional materials about this project. I am sure some of the leads to, participation in the crowdsale might have come from me asking them to shine some light on you.

  • @RarePepe Cool!...:)...

  • @RarePepe

    Thank You!

  • administrators

    Wow this is great. They say its a good idea. But they dont like the way we do the ico.

    Why we do it like we do it?
    -> i dont know how the price should be. I want the (free) market to decide how much satoshi a coin will cost. This is the only thing why we do it this way...

    We will see. We also have so things we are working on at the moment.

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