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  • First I tried to create a account on Chrome, and it seemed to be failed and again, that is , both are not be established successfully, so I change to IE , and successfully build a account, but I got the wrong message said system detect multiple accounts from my IP Address , but I only have one account indeed and I tried deleting both explorer's cookies and it didn't work too.

  • administrators

    we have fixed it.. Please let me know if you still have problems....


  • Hello. I have 4 computers at home. I would like that on everyone played radio and I from 4 different bpauzer would receive an award. it is possible? on everyone I delivered a purse. also I started radio. How it is possible to check whether the award from 4 computers or from one will be set off?

  • @admin I have the same problem. I have not received it for days

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