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  • Do I need to back up my wallet in case something happen on my computer and how?

  • @cool8676

    Hi there, the answer can only be : YES!

    On Windows Clients you'll find an Data Directory in
    %APPDATA%/Bitradio (/User/.Bitradio - on Linux Clients) which contains your download of the Blockchain as well as the Private Keys for your Wallet. If your Drive crashes and/or lose Access to this you also lost your Coins.

    For me there are 3 Solutions to Backup:

    1. Create an Archive with the whole Content of the Bitradio-Folder you find in %APPDATA%.
      If you do this regulary and your Maschine crashes or you want to move to another Machine the Client will sync faster as you have most of the Blocks when you unpack this Archive.

    2. just take the wallet.dat File from the %APPDATA%/Bitradio Folder and Store them in a Safe Place...

    3. Maybe for Pro's and paranoids - If you want to be failsafe of any Storage Drive - export your Private Key from Client, Print It and keep it in your favourite Secret Place!
      In Wallet Client go to "Help>Debug>Console" hit "dumpprivkey (your BRO-Coin)" followed by Enter and the following Output-Line is the Private Key to BRO Adress.
      This can be importet to a new Client in the sameway by using "importprivkey <yourprivkey> <label>" instead of dumpprivkey...

    Questions? Ask!
    Drop me a Line here in Forum or join your Telegram-Group.

    Cheers Azu

  • @azu Thanks a lot , so, the method 3 is included in method1 and method2 and eventhough the datas on my computer are deleted, if I have the access(private key) to my wallet , my datas can recover again, is it right?

  • @cool8676

    Yes, method 3 is the most lasiest Solution, but if you use an Paperwallet, you've got something to show your Friends - offline - It's only very time consumpting to recover if you need to Setup a new Machine...

    It's a just a matter how fast you want to be back online:

    exsamples for the Methods:

    Method 1.
    If you got more than one Machine running and plan to setup more it's cool to have the whole Data Dir...
    Just unzip and start Client... up in 20 Min. when you only need to sync 1 Week - very useful with 'matured'-Coins like LTC, DASH and so on which needs Days to sync on first Client start...

    Method 2.
    If you don't want to store Archives with several GIGs of Blockchain Data and got enough Time you can throw a wallet.dat File in the sync'd Data-Dir after you closed the Client and in next start your Coins will show up...

    Method 3
    Alternative is to enter or copy'n'paste your privkey in the Debug Window...

    btw. have you seen our Paperwallets?

    You can try to import a Wallet generated there to get a feeling for the process! B)

    If you Print one, import it to your Wallet and load it with some Coins it would Stake there and if you leave your Client open as well as you'll have a nice looking Backup!

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