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  • unlock wallet
    hi i cant unlock wallet saying The passphrase entered for the wallet decryption was incorrect. but im entering right password

  • @iterzyan

    I'm afraid; this could lead to lose of Coins!

    If you are Lucky you might find an unencryped copy in %APPDATA%/Bitradio/backups (Win) or ./<USER>/Bitradio/backups (Linux).

    Just replace the last dated by copy to /Bitradio - Dir as "wallet.dat".

    Good luck; no one can recover Wallet Passphrases.

    Hope you had not much Balance on it...

    Feedback is welcome!

  • then its stupid project if some one can easy hack my password on mac

  • @iterzyan

    Mate: no one can recover Wallet Passphrases

    This is an Issue not based on our Project - you'd have this with EVERY Cryptocoin Wallet.

    Got a Mac?

    look in ~/Library/Application Support/Bitradio/Backup
    for an old wallet-file - this could be an Backdoor - never had that Issue...

    Better pray that you find an unencrypted Backup there, else your Coins are gone!

    Your Mac is secure as Apple designed it.

  • @azu said in unlock wallet:

    /Library/Application Support/Bitradio/Backup

    i check there are only today market backups

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