No sound. sound is

  • No sound. sound is

  • No one can / does not want to offer help?

    A letter to callbac remained unanswered

  • @kzld what exactly is your problem/question? It would appear 50 persons have viewed your post but no one seem to make sense of it.
    If you can detail us about your issue, I am sure someone or one of the @administrators will step up to it.

  • @RarePepe
    I have no sound
    If I look at other sites, the sound is there

  • @kzld

    please check with another Station!


  • @azu
    No sound

  • I also have no sound when trying to listen to radio stations.. I have tried many station but still no sound

  • I wold like to add that I have a similar sound issue.
    I can hear all of my system sounds, and also sound from all other websites. I've tried using different browsers too. Any help would greatly be appreciated, I can provide any other info you may want
    ~regard b3rt

  • I also have no sound from any Station's streams. All that happens when clicking/tapping play is that yellow, warning-tape-looking, bar starts scrolling; maybe that indicates connection attempts? Should that change eventually?

    I have tested in my default browser Ice Dragon (Comodo's Firefox Fork Thing, 100% Firefox compatible), Firefox, IE, Torch, and Chrome. On Windows 10 as well as on Android. All the same. I have of course disabled all plugins and extensions as well.

    Have tried different stations from different countries etc. too.

    *That welcome jingle thingy plays just fine and all other websites and services work - so just the streams do nothing.

    Hope that info helps.


    So, Gensokyo Radio from Tokyo works - that's the only one i found so far. My usual goto OASIS Radio seems offline... could it be that i only tried all-offline stations; do you perhaps have tons of dead stations listed ?!


    After choosing Stations at random from the "similar"-field below the player, only 30% or so actually played - I mostly listen to instrumental/ electronic stuff, no clue how the hit and miss rate is among main stream stuff...

  • Hi, I have a similar problem: the sound works for a few minutes and then it stops. I see the sound bar of the equalizer actively moving, but there is no sound.

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