Someone help me to answer about bro's price Plz

  • I really do not understand about some problems.

    1. As reported by the Admin, a block time (2 minutes) contains 5 BRO, of which 4 BRO is for radio listeners.However, I was listening to the radio for more than 4000 minutes but I only received 0.4 BRO.

    2. Based on ICO Test results, 1 BTC ~ 5000 BRO. Is that the estimated price for BRO? If true, then I hear 4000 minutes receiving only 4/5000 BTC?

    The BRO price I expected was correct ? thank all

  • administrators


    at the moment the payout is only 4 BRO per Hour. After we leave beta the payout will be 120 BRO per Hour = * 30
    This is why the rewards are so small at the moment. Later ther will be more.


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