Newbie, Why I still do not get my BRO coins from to my wallet?

  • Hi, good day. I am a newbie here and just started. Want to ask when will my BRO coins will be move to my wallet? I have already Bro coins that I earned from streaming but until now it only seats there on the not on my wallet, which I downloaded from your website..From what I saw from this forum you said it will be available when the ICO ends? when? why you are already registered at Cryptopia and can be traded?..Do I have to do something else about my wallet to get my BRO coins?

    Oh in addition.. what I see from my Profile dashboard on is that my actual balance is at 0...and my All Time Earned is 0.58060550 BRO..but I do not recieved it in my wallet?..

    Hope Somebody will help me..Thanks in advance.

  • @ACUBE
    Can you make a copy of the screen

  • @ACUBE Did you enter your "Receive" address info into the site?

    1. Go to your Bitrad wallet -> Receive, copy & paste the "Receive" address on the first line.
    2. Go to and log in. Go to Profile -> Profile -> Payout-Address and enter the "Receive" address you have copied from step 1. After a while, you should see payout in your wallet.
      This is it. There's nothing else to it.
      Hope this helps.

  • Problem is already solved.
    He just didnt input his receiving adress into his Account.
    Never fortgeth to do that!

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