Missing BRO?

  • So a few days ago, 0.004 BRO went missing. It showed as earned on my bitradio profile page, but was nowhere to be found in my wallet. Now today, its suddenly up to 0.09 BRO that's missing. Anyone else having this issue?

    Edit: All payments are up to date in the wallet and all are there. Either the website can't do math, or there's a bug somewhere that adds the payment to the total on the website, but somehow disappears in the blockchain

  • I just counted all my transactions. 82 showing paid out on my profile page and 82 showing as received on my wallet. Looks like the website can't do math.

  • The value shown on the website is without fee!
    The amount received in the wallet is less the fee!
    The values will never be equal, and with time the difference will increase.

  • @jamilservicos While I understand what you're saying, every single transaction is equal in both the wallet and the website. Further, the first difference didn't appear until about 30 or 40 transactions into "mining". There is something seriously wrong with the math. Especially since it jumped from 0.004 BRO to 0.09 BRO difference in one transaction. That's not a fee. That's terrible math.

  • @jamilservicos 0_1502573889741_upload-3a3b7df3-3a53-4fcc-8eea-29f3b453d507

    On the left is my wallet and the right is from the website. Tell me where you see any differences. I don't see any.

  • Now its all the way up to 0.4 missing BRO. Serious bug here.

  • Hi Guys...

    From my side I encounter that I am always been cut off from bitrad.io network even though I am always online and keep the network connect from me and Bitrad.io website (streaming)..Because I always have BROcoins every hour like .03-.06 range of coins. but recently I experience it thus not happen anymore?..when I check my transactions I found that there are GAPs of hours missing before they will send again the coins..there are gaps from 2, 3 and the worst is 8hrs missing streaming, that I should have mine and earned BROcoins. I keep my PC on whole day....So what is the reason?..Do you or anyone of you guys experience this??

    Admin can explain this....Or do I have to report it directly to you..

    Hope somebody from Bitrad admin will answer..Thanks in advance

  • @ACUBE @administrators

    Same problem here. I regularly check the "All time streamed" counter in the Profil section and it always indicates 10% to 25% less time than it should. For example, if I check the streamed time at 9:00 am, and then at 10:00 am, the counter would only add between 45 to 55 minutes ... and not 60 minutes as it should.

    I've noticed that I often have the Google captcha popping up but I don't necessarily see it since I'm doing other stuff on my computer. Does the captcha prevent from counting streamed time and earning BROs?

  • Here is the new WCX exchange, it also distributes free tokens, it can turn out an interesting project ...

  • @fsi1212 I have the same problem: missiong 0.9 BRO :/

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