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  • Зачем оно тогда в кошельке?

  • @administrators I am interested in the answer too. If I can get a proper tutorial and convincing answer, I will invest in the ICO or else what is the point of owning too many coin?

    Also, are there future plans for one to buy services at with BRO currencies?

    Looking forward to the answers, thanks.

  • administrators

    @RarePepe said in Masternodes?:

    e answer too. If I can g

    i will do a youtube video ... step by step... will post it in the announcement threat.
    (after i send out the coins from the ICO)

    Everyone with 2500 BRO is able to run a masternode.

  • @admin any updates on the Masternode video?

  • Here is (unofficial) Video Guide How to Setup Bitradio [BRO] Masternode.

    The video is in russian language, hope someone could translate it with subtitles.

    And here is a textual manual (yet in russian, use Google translator) compiled from the video above.

  • How to be?


  • @criptodengi

    you got 2 Nodes with the same settings I'd guess!
    delete and start over!

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  • @azu Now different error, why? )


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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

    1. How to stop MN and unlock coins for staking only (MN not running well)?
    2. How to run 2 MN simultaneously? Config masternode.conf with 2 MN data, correct?

  • Good day. Problems with MN.
    For no apparent reason, it stops every 70-80 minutes. I did not find anything suspicious in the logs.

    > Master debug
    < No problems were found

    As soon as I notice that the MN is stopped, I press "start", after which it starts without problems and raises again 70-80 minutes, then the situation repeats.
    On this same server, the MN works for 8bit coin, with it there are no such problems.
    Can you give advice on how to start looking for a problem, or is it not a problem for me?
    When MH stops began, I tried the following:
    Removed Bitradio-QT, installed the Bitradiod, disconnected LXDE,
    But the situation has not changed.

    Bitradio version v1.0.0.0-61402
    uname -a: Linux raspberrypi 4.9.24-v7+ #993 SMP Wed Apr 26 18:01:23 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux



    Sorry for bad english - google translate

  • I answer my own question.
    It turned out that Bitradiod on the server suddenly stops, and silently.
    Then it is not clear how the MN starts, but starts and begins production.
    As a temporary solution, the script checks if the process is running, if not, then it starts.

  • @criptodengi said in Masternodes?:

    @azu Now different error, why? )


    I have a similar problem with this one.
    My MN worked. I rebooted the PC where it worked. After the reboot, I did not touch anything and did not change anything. Just launched a bitradio on a remote server.
    Now on my local PC shows the following:
    MN Not in the masternode list
    When I press button "start" - shows me a message: "Error: could not allocate vin"
    If I run through the console with the command "masternode start"
    shows me a message: "you must set masternode=1"
    But once again I repeat, I did not touch anything anywhere and did not change it, just rebooted the PC.
    And I checked both the bitradio.conf file on the remote server and the masternode.conf file on the local PC. Everything is correctly recorded and nothing has changed.
    How can I solve this problem?

  • Guys how much can I make running masternode?

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