Google Recaptcha locked me out

  • I've had problems with recaptcha for some time now and many sites, but today, those idiots crossed the line. Until now the pictures inside captchas were loading very slow and I had to reset them at least 10 times, before I got good one, but because of that now they think I'm a robot and they locked me out. I can't listen to anymore.

    I tried to solve the problem of slow loading captchas by cleaning my browser's history and cookies, but it doesn't help.

    Google broke recaptcha and they are now punishing me and other people for it. should stop using recaptcha and change it to some other form of verification.


    They let me do captchas after a few hours, but it still doesn't work as it should. Even if I do captcha correctly and get a green tick, the tells me that there's an error and I should do it again.

  • I had problems with recaptcha depend the browser what i used. And also, i noted when i visit many sites with recaptcha, and fill many recaptcha, it increase dificulty. It track you ip and increase the dificulty, i'm pretty sure. and many sites use captcha to prevent bots and cheats. Imo, do a fair use of recaptcha, and should keep it. f.e., in my mobile, using chrome, i just have to click and it fills auto, do not requires verification.


  • Please read this topic if you have further problems wit hthe Re-Captcha.

  • I feel your pain bro, i have exactly the same situation, and not only with this website...

  • In the last 4 hours I have completed 2 captchas, no errors, no problems so far. Having the site open in the incognito mode helps a lot.

  • I've noticed something important. Those slow loading captchas seem to be set like that deliberately. You can complete them (even when it'll say to try again), if you're patient enough.

    They still happen to me, even when I always clear browser cache and open in the incognito mode. It's just more time consuming to complete them. They are not broken, only made more difficult to robots and more annoying to humans.

    The more of them you fail or reset, the longer high difficulty will stay and they will regularly lock you out for a few hours.

    For the past few months I thought they were broken, but I was trapped in a vicious circle instead.

    Higher difficulty captchas "broken ones"===>More failing and resetting===>Recaptcha thinks you're a robot===>Higher difficulty stays===>More "broken" captchas and so on

    All of this was caused by doing too many captchas (and also failing too many) in a short period of time.

  • @Ractaros96 I thought a other way to get it fixed, it's really simple just logout from you google account. When i did that the captchas become 2-3 times quicker and easier

  • My theory proved right, I was patiently completing all the captchas and for the last 3 days I had no slow loading ones. Recaptcha has dropped difficulty level down for me. As it should be.

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