Problem with old wallet adress!

  • Hello,

    Please help. I have a question.

    My old pc is dead, and my bitrad wallet too.. Now i donwnload new bitrad wallet with new wallet adress, but i have no BRO in my account :( My old asress is Bh3Jt3LAwfEvtyioANo2tPcLigNZCzTErV how can i add it to bitrad wallet and receive my old BRO coins ? Please help. I had about 2 or 3 bro in my old wallet, how can i retrive it ? Because i had new wallet and new adress and no BRO in my wallet :(

  • You cannot do that unless if you have your secret keys and passphrase that you've setup on your wallet. Also there's an option if you keep a backup of your bitradio.dat and passphrase.

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