How to buy Masternode Shares from the website.

  • Hello, in this guide i will tell you how to purchase Masternode Shares from the website.

    If you don't want to purchase shares for masternodes and you want to set up your own by yourself check this guide from @Domik How to setup masternode

    So.. i've seen allot of questions around the forum, and on my personal messegner here. We all know that is not so hard to purchase an masternode shares but... here is it how to do so.

    First you need to Login into your Bitrad Account.

    • Open the menu at the right upper corner in the Website.
    • Find Masternodes and click there (Or here)
    • After you click on the Masternode it will redirect you to the all masternodes that exist in Bitrad.Io
    • To purchase share for Masternode you need to go BUY SHARES
      Be aware, that not all the time have free shares to buy, for now the Masternodes are limitted and you can't buy whenever you want to. If you are so desparate to purchase share you just have to stay on the BUY SHARES page and refresh it all the time so you can catch up an shares to buy.
    • One share for Masternode costs 2.5 Bro. If you want to own full masternode you have to posses at least 1,000 Shares from a masternode to receive it full earnings at the end of the month.
    • You can sell back your shares whenever you decite to go out from the system, be aware tho... that if you used the share's for let's say 15 day's and then sell them back you will not earn any revnue from them.
      Be aware, that when you want to sell your share's and want to take your Brocoins back you will pay a little amount of fee 0.5%. This mean's that if you purchase full node with 1,000 shares for 2,500 Brocoins and you decite to sell them back and cashout your Bro's. You will sell them for a prize 2487,5 Bro.

    Alright, i hope this helps the people wich don't know how to purchase shares.

    If you need help, or guide for something, be free to text me on PM or either the other Administrators in the Forum. We will be glad and happy to help ya all.

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