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    Hello everyone,

    with this post i want to update you about the Project

    1. New Fake protection is Live now.
      Some users were able to connect to the website and radiostation without listening to the radio. We found a solution for this and at the moment we have some features active to block these Users.
      Before this feature was implemented users / listeners were able to get app. 0.00428487 BRO per 1.000 seconds listening to the radio. At the moment the payout rate is up to 0.02123168 BRO per 1.000 seconds.
      5 times higher earnings now because some users cant connect via a php script.

    If there are more users listening this rate goes down. But we see that it is working. Listen to your favorite station and earn more BRO.

    You also will see the active users on our Website and the active listeners at this moment.
    -> We also will show it on all pages in the future. At the moment only on the radio website.

    1. 502 errors
      We also fixed some Server issues and you should not see and 502 connecting errors any more. We drasticly reduced the server load and the server is doing very fine. Even with over 4.000 Users online.

    2. IOS Radio App
      We are now working on this new app. I think (dont know yet) we will be ready with this in Q1 2018. It will also be available for the new IPhone X. Cant wait to see it.

    3. Dice Website
      We tested it and have some bugs to fix. Our main Prio is to ban out fake users.

    4. Dash Masternode is up again and runnig. I also will buyback BRO the next days and Burn BRO. We received 1,820 Dash. I will sell them and buyback Bro. Ill send it to the BURN Address next Week.

    5. Masternodes (V2)
      All Masternodes will get an Hardware Update. These new VPS are much better than the old VPS. Masternode Shares owners will also pay no Fee for the month of November. All Nodes will be updated in November.
      We also bring on 50 Masternodes in Total and sell new shares (33 existing Masternodes and 17 ne Nodes)
      We also will host Masternodes of other coins. All earnings will be converted to BRO. You can own these nodes and earn additional BRO.More Information when we are ready.

    Have a nice day.


  • Nice! But where can I see the number of users & listeners? Is the update live?
    Br Dirm

  • You can see the stats at the bottom of the page

  • The stats for the users online and users listening are shown as zero at the bottom of the page ...

  • @anselal works great for me (almost today )

  • @anselal ah nice. I thought I can see how many users listen to the same station.

  • @anselal I think it's an beta version of the feauture that shows the currently online users. When they show as 0 just try ti refresh your web browser and all should be good.

  • Regarding fake protection - do you check ip geolocation? At work I have an IP outside Europa. At home a local one. So I travel everyday at speed of light - regarding IP location...

  • it would be better to add a protection to avoid we listen radio for nothing
    when activity points doesn't increase then it cuts the sound of radio like that we will know there are an issue.
    200btc of ICO seriously?
    if it's a scam then close the site and enjoy your btc otherwise make something professionnal

  • @chunnorris Don't worry, as of January 2018, the creator of Bitradio will quit his job and work on full time.

  • @Ractaros96
    Totally agree. I know how frustrating it can be when something critical is broken and don't get addressed. In my opinion, Uwe made more progress as part-timer, and unless he's got a 9 - 5, which I doubt, this is a considerable progress. Hopely, he can fix, upgrader faster once he becomes a full timer.

  • Awesome update thanks alot will let youtube know heh
    Let's make bit radio worth 1 usd !!!!! It's worth it

  • I really believe in this project, but this week the site stopped to count my minutes again. I don't think it is because fake protection, because I have only one account, opened in only one browser window and I use a desktop that has always the same gps location.
    Another problem I have is the use of only recaptcha for antibot mechanism, it should be coincidence, when bitcoin price raises, recaptcha stops working. Now, I need to do recaptacha more than 5 times to find one right, and when I find it, the site indicates a recaptcha problem and I need to try one more time...
    And, even when I solve recaptcha and everything is ok, the site doesn't count the minutes, since somedays ago.

    So, I'm stopping to support this project until they solve the site, and gave me an option to use a different antibot captcha. A lot of sites and faucets can do it, why this project can't be updated.

  • @mabaraw Here you can check how you can handle with the Google Re-captcha problems. It's google's problem, not bitrad poblem. BTW What is not updating ? We are all day here active helping all the user's we can.We are active in the Telegram / Discord full time. We give so much time on you...As you can see for the last 1 month and a hev we are more Administrators in the forun, more administrators in telegram, helping out everyone, user base is growing everything is growing. Every day the devs are working on the project, and believe me after new year this project will boom! : )
    Please chill out, buy bro, take masternode as you still can, check the forums / telegram daily, chat with the community, just be active! Complainings will not help us grow, it will only push us down!

  • Dear @Bo , Never said you and your team aren't doing nothing. But, if I was leading a project like this, I would never let google or other company pushes it down. Should I make a list of sites where the users can choose the antibot system? This is a small upgrade that can make a difference.
    And, finally, you tell me to not complain, but the only thing you give is a complain about Google.

  • any solution of activity point stop counting, already done clean captcha, cookies change browser, still have hours dont have reward points

  • @Bo i'm not a pro in masternode but it seems to me that we earn over network transactions
    so if the points are not counted or disappear as happens more than 50% of the time, there is no transaction and a masternode is useless

  • Dear devs, you can add Google solve captcha! This one don't have problems! It is so easy to solve problem with recaptcha, all you need is just a desire

  • Выплаты уходят с баланса , на кошелек не поступают , 2 выплаты уже прошло мимо ,,,,,,, решите проблему как то ????????

  • what happens with missing payoutsspnce 12 hrs. no payout or any answer regarding the problem

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