I've broken the Bitradio wallet

  • I've done something stupid. For the past hour or two I had only 1 connection in my wallet and it stopped syncing at block 170614, so I checked the proxy connection in Network settings and now I can't open the wallet at all. How do I undo this mess?


  • Please check this Guide follow the steps. If your problem don't resolve contact me via PM

  • Thanks a lot, wallet is now syncing again. I've noticed something by the way. The sync process has slowed down at 24 weeks away and I noticed earlier that debug.txt file is constantly updated, I looked it up and it was over 16 MB large (that's a lot for a simple notepad file). I've deleted it, restarted wallet and it is syncing faster again. This file seems to slow the process down, when it's big.

    There should be done something about it in the long run.

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