Not getting activity points

  • Hi,
    since yesterday I am not getting any activity points for listening to radio station at work.

    • in the evening when i't at home with the same PC and the same browser and the same account I'm getting my points normally as I used to
    • during the day on the same gear I'm not getting a single point even though I'm doing everything the same as always (2 days ago it was working fine at work)
    • the only thing that is different is network connection (but the radio station works so I highly doubt it is firewall)
      Any solution?

  • same problem here, after restart modern 1 hour got less than 500 activity points

  • My problem is that I get 0 (ZERO) activity points, yesterday I've got 0 for 10 hours of listening.

  • @jandrejc is a stupid question, but ¿checked if you are logged in?

  • @joao
    :) Yes I'm logged in. I tried different browsers, relogging, clearing cookies + history from the beginning. Nothing works.

    The same PC works just fine in my home. Same account when I log in on my phone works fine too.

  • let's summon @Domik , maybe he can help you :)

  • @jandrejc Is there more people at your work that user bitrad ? If there's multiple accounts detected usually this happens. Or there's maybe something with the new security system. Can you send me your ID on PM ?

  • seriously it's always bugging
    its cool to clean cheaters and say reward increase but if on 6h streaming only 1h is paid, well it's worse than before
    each 2-3h if we don't clear cookie and login again then activity stay at 0
    it's not normal for a project who harvested 200btc while ICO, to get a site with plenty of issue

  • check too if the radio what you are listen, is compatible with your browser:

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @chunnorris just trying help.
    Edited my post, as you see. Maybe it was rude, where pretended to be a joke.
    Don't need post same response in all threads, creating drama.

    Have a good time.

  • I have the same problem! balance was disappeared.
    Activities points won't be accepted until clear cookie or refresh 5 time browser.
    Captcha won't work at first time, i have to solve it around 5 times. We need at least one more captcha like solvecapthca

  • Баланс исчез уже второй раз. На кошелёк ничего не приходит.

  • I really believe in this project, but this week the site stopped to count my minutes again. I don't think it is because fake protection, because I have only one account, opened in only one browser window and I use a desktop that has always the same gps location.
    Another problem I have is the use of only recaptcha for antibot mechanism, it should be coincidence, when bitcoin price raises, recaptcha stops working. Now, I need to do recaptacha more than 5 times to find one right, and when I find it, the site indicates a recaptcha problem and I need to try one more time...
    And, even when I solve recaptcha and everything is ok, the site doesn't count the minutes, since somedays ago.

    So, I'm stopping to support this project until they solve the site, and gave me an option to use a different antibot captcha. A lot of sites and faucets can do it, why this project can't be updated.

  • @mabaraw
    I have the same feeling. Recaptcha is not the problem in my case.
    But problems like radio not counting points at all is unsolved for 4 days and noone seems to care. This doesn't help to promote the project.

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