Balance disappear

  • what I had in my balance disappeared and I did not have any payment, where did my bro are gone?

  • same balance disappeared
    today balance 13:00-22.40 is 0 but around 18:00 on site balance have around 0.12 but payout histori not recorded any transaction same in wallet noting just disappeared....

  • same problem i dont think this is the first time, it happen in these few days

  • I have the same problem! balance was disappeared.
    Activities points won't be accepted until clear cookie or refresh 5 time browser.
    Captcha won't work at first time, i have to solve it around 5 times.

  • Уже 2 раз исчезает. Почему нет выплат

  • same today
    usually i have problem of point not counting but today i earned around 0.07 and at hourly conversion instead go in pay it just disappeared

  • and again, when i was close 0.1bro, balance disapeared and no payout
    seriously, team doesn't care about their project?

  • Happens to me too.
    Balance goes over 0.1 and then goes directly to all time earned but not to payout section.
    This happens regardless of one account listening or more than one (my brother has another one).
    That shows this currency shouldn't be trusted for now.
    I won't buy any BRO until ALL users will receive missing coins.
    Developers and administrators have access to all time earned and payouts tab. They can just use script to verify if everything is ok.

  • Same today 2 times, in 2 account.
    No payout 0.48 BRO

  • @errerr said in Balance disappear:

    Same today 2 times, in 2 account.
    No payout 0.48 BRO
    same here 2 or 3 payouts missing

  • No response from admins or devs. Looks like they don't care about minor users since the ICO

  • 4 hours of streaming today, nothing i got.

  • it happens again orz, activity point convert to balance and no payout happen,
    don't know what to say , activity point problem->missing balence->point problem, it just happen like a loops

  • @tr-leo
    it varies, yesterday it was points not counting and today the disappearing balance
    what is constant is their incompetence and their disregard of the users

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