Balance disappear

  • what I had in my balance disappeared and I did not have any payment, where did my bro are gone?

  • same balance disappeared
    today balance 13:00-22.40 is 0 but around 18:00 on site balance have around 0.12 but payout histori not recorded any transaction same in wallet noting just disappeared....

  • same problem i dont think this is the first time, it happen in these few days

  • I have the same problem! balance was disappeared.
    Activities points won't be accepted until clear cookie or refresh 5 time browser.
    Captcha won't work at first time, i have to solve it around 5 times.

  • Уже 2 раз исчезает. Почему нет выплат

  • same today
    usually i have problem of point not counting but today i earned around 0.07 and at hourly conversion instead go in pay it just disappeared

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