missing payouts

  • high when i read trough here i see something is not working propper, more and more users reporting missing payouts, what can be the problem,

  • Do you have any clue whether the payout is automated or manual?

    I noticed disappearing balances since way back but was never really worked up about it...

    Well i just contacted support 'cause it happened 2 times today and my Wallets Balance is despite receiving staking rewards smaller that my profiles "All time earned" Amount... so yeah there is something going on. It is indeed a bit disheartening to actually witness it happen. Went to the Profile to pick from my favorites and saw that my Balance was ~0.1BRO less again. No payouts since yesterday.

    That being said, if it is manual processed, mistakes just might happen ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

  • same to me this missing balance situation continuous happen, any solution

  • Yeah man ... sure, haven't looked into blockcain or wallet codes though ...

    However, just now i observed another ~0.1BRO disappearing. This time though i noticed it is actually added to the total earning statistics thing - just not payed out...

    Sooo, in theory, one could compare that statistic to each users wallet and add up all transactions in the blockchain from the payment wallet. Doing so one could get the missing amount and send it for real... theoretically, if one really wanted... would be an evening of programming though, if one wanted a bot to do that - just saying ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

  • Same here, my balance is gone too.

  • @Cpt.-Moe No response from devs or admins in other topics too.
    This smells like scam since ICO went so good.

  • balance just disappeared again......almost every day 0.1 gone :arrow_up_down:

  • you are lucky
    3 times yesterday and 1 time today but day is not over

  • @gruber_69 I actually think a scam is highly unlikely - being in Germany with their sick up the pooper feds and laws and being so public such a scam would kill their career - especially with an successful ico one would not want that...

    I guess it's just some system bug or overwork issue - i don't know how big the team is or if there is an actual team at all;
    But i read though that the owner has a regular day job he has to deal with on top. So probably just poop piling up that can't be dealt with in time. My guess...

    An ico, successful or not isn't exactly vacation btw - still sucks but getting worked up doesn't do monkey balls ;)

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