Staking reward to undefined address.

  • Hi guys! I have received reward for staking but in description is showed some address that i don't have or own.
    I have 3 addresses in my wallet, and no one coincide with this.
    Please, who can explain why is that? And also do i received it or not? i don't remember exact balance before.

  • Check if the balance is disponible, you can go to Settings/Options/Display coin control and activate it . Then, go to Send/Inputs and see if you can spend that amount.

    always you can check the adress balance inf

    i have curiosity to see what is it, bc stack amount is usually 0.5


  • @joao
    Hi, thx for attention! i have enable coin control, and i see more undefined address but how i can understand i'm able to spend it. Also a have checked this address on the site you give me, and it also confirm that this is mined.0_1511425908553_Untitled.jpg

    As i can understand there is no problem with that?

  • Your wallet seems ok, and the amount is expendable : )

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