BRO not being Earned,,, Listening, sharing, no activity points and no BRO earned

  • Been a couple days since seeing any growth, no activity points and no Bro earned for listening, maybe cause BitCoin been climbing ... who knows, who controls....

  • No, Bitcoin rising is not the problem with Bitrad(Bro)
    Soon everything will be okay and you will be prob. compensated for the last few weeks problems.
    Don't worrie guys. As we speak they are trying to solve the current problems. Also @Uwe will buy today Brocoins worth of 0.35BTC and Burn them!
    Stay tunned and HODL! : ) Holiday's are coming.

  • @Bo THANKS Again staking HARD will be adding more to wallet asap!!!! I want to add Bitradio stuff to my new crypto website YAY!!! trying to get a radio added to BRO as well I know the owner! And dont worry The DEVS are dedicated just give them time!!!

  • appreciated, sorry been busy, have to move house, looking for ne premises etc, motivationally draining.... when do you think one would be able to have the forum and the station linked better, only got this message now. also maybe make the player minimized and be able to capture what actual song was playing at the time... maybe with a cd cover grab from the artist website,,,

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