Masternodes, how to do it?

  • Can somebody explain to me how to create a masternode? I'm thinking of having one. Also what is more if I have two pcs can I create two masternodes for them?

  • @nickpap

    Hi, to run an Masternode there are several things you should be aware of:

    • fixed IP Address (If you get a new IP from your ISP, everytime your DSL/Cable-Modem reconnects, you can't just let the Node run, as you'd have to change the IP in the Config everytime)

    • Masternode should have an availability of 99.99999% up
      (if your Computer is a Workstation or Notebook that you'd like to turn of at night this won't help the Network)

    • You would need at least 2500 BRO Coins to run a Masternode

    We are planing to do a Video to Setup Masternodes. Please check the Forum regulary.

    cheers Azu

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