[Feedback] Do you receive Activity Points?

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    Hello friends, we have a new feauture, and we need a feedback!

    This question is from today not for the past time.

    Do you now receive your Activity Points and Brocoins ?

    • Simple question and we want simple answer. :D

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    Activity points

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    Are you sure ?
    Most of us don't have any problem with issued AP while listening...

  • @Bo Yes, i do. Anwering to if me receiving AP and BRO.
    Now i always check my profile while i start listening some radio. Receiving 2,400.000 AP by now( listening about 2hours aproximately) and receiving 0,1 BRO in my wallet 30 minutes ago, so all is ok.
    Additional information, i use firefox v56.0.2 (64bit).
    Sorry if my answer was so long.

  • I am getting AP points but none from any of my referrals.

    I gotta say I'm a little disappointed. I have made videos and promoted and have 12 referrals under me. Haven't seen any AP points from them in weeks. I find it improbable that they all dropped off and quit listening.

    I'll stick it out an hope you guys get it fixed but its getting harder and there are so many other coins that are taking off its hard to spend my time here.

    Here is my ref link if you want to check to find out why I get no referral APs.

    Thanks, HM

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    Wel... this question about your Reffs is not for this topic but ...
    You will start receiving AP from refferals only when they listen readio, if they don't listen you don't receive nothing... Maybe your refferals are just not active anymore ...

    Thanks for the answers guys.
    Keep up !

  • Hi, today it work fine for me. Just add more captcha because recaptcha doesn't work as it should. Add solve captcha!

    Sorry i'm wrong, i receive points first 30-60 mins and some times it stop count

  • @Bo One of the refs I know personally and asked him if hes listening and yes hes been playing. Still no APs show up on my end. But I wouldn't blame them if they dropped off because this service has been out of beta for months and it still doesn't work like it should. Its gonna be hard for this platform to succeed with no users.

  • Ran player most of today. No AP at all.

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    Okay guys, this is the new function on the picture:
    alt text

    When you see: You are Connected to Node. Reconnect-Counter: 1
    This means that you will Earn AP and BRO.
    If it says: You are not connected to a node: It means you will nor earn nothing.

  • This is really cool only if it is made with ajax, i hope if it will disconnect i will see that without a page reload

  • I am receiving AP yes, but still waiting for my BRO coins, not reflecting in my wallet yet...

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