Bitrad.Io Ads RULES (READ)

  • Okay, since i see alot spam in the forum with ADS i decited to place some rules for this thread.

    1. You may post AD in Bitrad.Io Ads only Once a day (24 hours)
    2. When you Advertise another Project you have to place clean link beside your ref link so the user can choose to become your reff or not.
    3. Only ENGLISH language is promited to be Advertised!
    • Not following the rules will lead to:
    1. You will receive 3 Bans for 5 hour's. The 4 th ban will be Permament.
    2. You will be punished with 5 hour's ban.
    3. You will be punished with 5 hour's ban and your topic will be deleted.

    Regards: @Bo

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