Been away for months, new computer... no BRO in wallet

  • Unfortunately, a storm hit my home and I lost almost everything. I am just now getting my new computer set up so I can start earning BRO once again. I downloaded the wallet, which is finally completed the 40 week sync but my previous bro are no longer there. There are txid numbers in my profile and I thought they, my previous balance, would have synced as well. Please advise what needs to be done. Thank you and so glad to finally be back :)

  • If you lost wallet.dat file from previous wallet, then there is nothing you can do to get your BRO back. Be careful and backup this file to pendrive, external drive or online drive service. I've got program on my computer that automatically does the backup of this file to my external drive each day and from there it's synced to my Google Drive. Of course, you should create a password on your wallet before you backup the file.

  • That's what I was thinking. Thank you for the suggestions, I will implement them now.

  • @adairesm How much BRO you had in the old wallet?

  • I am not sure I would have to add up all the transactions in my profile. It's not a massive deal really, my fault for not backing up properly. Lesson learned the hard way LOL

  • @adairesm Well, if you only earned from, then it isn't much probably. I have over 1000 BRO right now and depending on Bitcoin price I hope to buy 20000 more after New Year. I did lost a lot of Bitcoins from my investments, I started to buy Bitcoin when it was around 800$ and if all I did was buy and hold, then today I would have 7 times more money, but thanks to price increase at least I have a little more than I spent to buy Bitcoin over the last year. Now I want to try with other cryptocurrency - BRO :)

  • @Ractaros96 It was just from, I had been collecting for a few months. Looking through the forums I see so many changes, trying to catch up on everything and hopefully make this profitable now that life has calmed down and things are getting back on track. This is a good opportunity, I know the only problem I used to have was logging out. I'd have the station playing while working around the house then come back to find the station still playing but I wasn't earning. Do you know if there is a timeout?

  • @adairesm You need to fill in the captcha every 2-6 hours, but it shouldn't log you out. There must be a problem with your browser.

  • @Ractaros96 possibly. I will have to look into it. Thank you for your help! I have to head out but going to look into all this when I get back.

  • You're welcome :)

  • Hello a like pizza

  • I have the same problem, I downloaded a new wallet, but I do not have the address from that old wallet
    I made a backup of my old wallet, but I can 't get it in the new wallet. I don 't know how I have an old backup
    Wallets get into the new wallet.
    Please advice on how to do it.

  • @Boord1 Look in the "GUIDE" section of the forum. There is a thread on it. I hope it helps :)

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