Transaction lost

  • No amount on deposit, no transaction on account page

    Status: 461 confirmations
    Date: 25.12.2017 21:49
    To: Web Deposit BcTZXSpr2gJrWNE8chwCUarcM4zzKH9djm
    Debit: -0.04 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.0001 BRO
    Net amount: -0.0401 BRO
    Transaction ID: 6c237e46d1bd711ad20dc8734e3e1a8e479653f815db1e6556d37d94b8cd4576-000

  • More lost transactions

    Status: 81 confirmations, broadcast through 7 node(s)
    Date: 26.12.17 16:04
    To: Web Deposit Bbu97n8TdCZftdZUuJYFgGkprPFpquAcxL
    Debit: -0.13 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.0001 BRO
    Net amount: -0.1301 BRO
    Transaction ID: 4216c9cc6f5ab6c91eb6faa7cb30d9382279af6f2c33ea5553e500d68b5fa001-000

  • when will I receive my deposit? today? tomorrow? never?
    amateur circus continues... how dared you sold tokens on ICO having only a weird sample on hands?

  • at 2017-12-26 22:55:12 (19:55:12 GTM) a transfer was made from my deposit of the amount that did not appear on the account. in the specified block there is no address of my wallet specified in the account, I will be glad to hear from the administration: who is mess with my deposit without my knowledge and on what grounds, and also who eventually got my coins?
    0_1514327662132_Снимок экрана1.png
    amount was sended from my deposit to BWsdRvp1CJqNjVo6Brb1qpSbJZyTGU6XZq without my claim or permission.
    wtf is this?
    0_1514327699335_Снимок экрана2.png

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