• What is Darksend and where can i get the 0.5 BRO per Block. when the wallet is open my wallet is open all the time but i dont get 0,5 BRO?

  • Hello & welcome,

    Darksend is a feature to send coin anonymously, it's also called PrivateSend.

    When the main Bitrad page said, you get 0.5 BRO per block, it really means "You as in all Bitrad users who are staking", and PoS works in a way that your winning odd will be proportional to the # of coins you stake, more the better chance.

    5 main ways to earn coins:

    1. Listen to radio
    2. Stake coins
    3. Operate or buy a share to masternode
    4. Do referral
    5. Do betting at Bitrad Dice

    Enjoy your fav. radio~

  • @diffblock
    thanks for the information

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