I Need your answer bro

  • hello sir i want to ask about my masternode transaction. I previously sent 5 BROs to the transaction address from the web. all transactions have been confirmed in the wallet and in blockchain explore. but on my transaction in web still empty. Where has my 5 BRO gone?
    am i making a mistake or what?
    please @administrators or someone can explain to me. it makes me curious

    my Screen shot :
    in my wallet :
    1_1515100104083_transaksi masternode.png
    in blockchain explore :
    0_1515100103051_blockchain explore.png
    ini my masternode transaction :

  • @monkey
    For what you sent 5 Bro? There are no shares to buy.

  • I send it so that when the shares are available, just buy. after 2 weeks my blance shares are still empty

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