old wallet broken

  • My wallet had an error and did not work anymore, so I download a new wallet and realize that I have a new wallet address and that all BRO Coins will be gone.

    I also joined Bitrad.Io Holidays for Loyal Bro's! join in, send 1 BRO and get back 3 BRO, of the 3 BRO has arrived with me nothing ....
    Can the bitrad.io team help me or are all my BRO away plus the promised 3 BRO I should get between the 2-3 January.

    My old wallet address: Bpcuj5NvRvMgu7fC76nf1QaAzMsNdxXzVh

    My new wallet address: BkPrmXWpeKMcTfbAFzeFER8jgx9iViTGJ2

  • @rocknic
    If you tell me your old private key, I can save your Coins.
    I'm afraid, you don't know what it is. *lol*

  • strikethrough text

  • @Hui bist du behindert?

  • @rocknic
    Ja, ich sitze im Rollstuhl. Warum?

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