Problems Multiple IP,

  • Good morning, today when I open my account of bitradio I get a message that says that my account had detected multiple iP, I connected recently today, register my account actually change my password, from my home first, from my Mac with ios and later on my windows desktop computer, the situation is that I will not receive profits for that, there some way to remedy this situation, and to report why this happened ?.
    I will be attentive to any comments in advance thank you very much


  • @rijial

    Hi Richard, as posted in similar Thread:

    Sometime the Fraud Protection gives this Message if you didn't Logout on the last Device you used.

    One of my ref's switches between MacOS and Win10 on the same Device and got that message.

    Normally the System takes up to 10 Mins. that only one Device is activ and will give you Activity Points again.

    In Case that you havn't received any Activity Points yet while activ listening to a Staton please Post your User-ID, Wallet Address as well as your IP Address to let us check our Database!

    cheers, Azu

  • administrators

    what is your actual ip? are you using a vps service?

  • I do not use a vps my ip service is, in my computer. Thanks for all the help

  • my user id is :rijial and my wallet is Bqha7P4nxf8iGdcWxFfhEwLHXeRfSHC6MC

    thanks you


  • @rijial

    Hi there, you have received 9 Payment until now (9:27 pm CEST)

    If these don't show up in your Wallet please make sure it is sync'd!

    cheers Azu

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