Need web and android Bitradio wallet

  • I think, now it's time Bitradio create web and android wallet, Because bitradio wallet on my notebook and pc often broken (not synchronizing with network), I try to fix even more severe damage, finally bitradio wallet uninstalled, and I tried to reinstall the backup wallet, but not work. This has happened two times and twice also I lost the bitradio coin balance. Because of this I and the other users need web and android wallet that can be used as temporary storage when desktop wallet is broken. Frankly, currently I using address from
    from an exchange as temporary storage, may be need to reinstall Windows and then install new bitradio wallet.

  • It sad that, No response received from Admin for this feature request. Since 2018 is the year for the ALTcoins the need of Web Wallet also important for a growing cryptocurrency.

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