Bitradio not pay!

  • Hello, i download the wallet, install it, set the address in profile, and then login into website, but the payouts not are registered in the wallet...

    i have 0.9 in my balance after 20 hours listening radio stations, but the wallet is empty!

    how to get payments?

  • About 12 hours ago (12:46 pm EST) I have last transaaction from site to wallet, after that just collecting on the site. But 20 hours is in the working range. Did you place payout wallet in profile & If not site doesn't know where to pay.

  • Yes, yesterday put my wallet address in my profile, i have 1.65933470 BRO in the Balance but 0 in the wallet, this site not pays ...

  • @maxilovera

    You'll receive your payout soon, Engine seems to hang...
    ...admin is informed!

  • DON'T PANIC!!! At me also, and at my invited...
    But you shouldn't forget a stage the TEST BETA now!!! Bugs and other problems - norm!!! On the solution of problems time is necessary! Sharp growth of popularity has entailed load of system...

  • @StasonPatison @maxilovera @Bigwell

    Hi there,

    sorry to say, but our payout routine struck shortly after last restart!

    Please check your Wallet. Coins should be there.

    cheers Azu.

  • my BRO Coin is not transferring in my wallet and not updating my BRO coins in my account since January 13, 2018, but everyday im using 24/7.. please help

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