Bitradio Dice not recieve my deposits

  • Today i deposited 1.1 BRO to Bitradio Dice . The transaction more than 10 confirms but my account still not recieve my deposite . I had check the hash : 35c7d7bc54898b8d04e3d594f5b5460a1c985972cb8585a2a2878bc75e381b2f-000
    I checked the wallet : BgvaUd2bdwdPCXF9iDrGgdEFRLdq4q3Wh2
    It's show balance is 1.1BRO but my account in Bitradio sitll not recieve .
    What's happened ?

  • I have a problem with withdrawals. several withdrawals are in the waiting state

  • Same problem
    Bitradio Dice not recieve my deposits


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