Format a PC and lost wallet

  • Hi,

    I formated my computer and lost my wallet. I had the login/password from the webpage and also the passprhase to encrypt wallet.

    I want to know if i can how i recover the old wallet, or to know to save a new wallet, to dont lose again.

    This wallet has seed or something to save it?

  • @KingChrono you can try to restore it with a special software... but you have around 5% or less chance to restore it

  • Hi. But do you know how i save this wallet so it doest happen again? Because i didnt found a seed.

  • @KingChrono
    on windows run: (WIN KEY + R)

    (This directory is normaly here: C:\users\ACCOUNTNAME\appdata\roaming)

    There is a directory Bitradio
    Here you find the wallet.dat This file contains all your adresses + privatekeys + transactions

    It would suffice if you just backup the private key:
    at the Bitradio wallet program:
    Open: Help -> Debug window -> console
    Type: dumpprivkey <public adress>

    Later on a new wallet you can import this:
    importprivkey <Bitradioprivkey> [rescan=true]

    "rescan" is necessary to find all transactions in the blockchain.
    If you import a few keys, you can use first "rescan=false" and for the last key: "rescan=true". This saves a lot of time.
    The public adress is calculated with the private key and does not have to be saved.

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