Fishbank - The Ethereum Based Fish Fighting Game

  • FISHBANK: Grow, Fight & trade predatory fish champions in the new blockchain game!

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    • Amberjack (Common): Power:2 Agility:3 Speed:1
      alt text
    • Corvina (Common): Power:4 Agility:5 Speed:3
      alt text
    • Piranha (Legendary): Power:8 Agility:7 Speed:5

    Grow your fish to the top of the food chain!

    Every fish is an ERC-721 crypto token stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Digital assets are 100% owned by the player. They can be managed like a regular cryptocurrency — transferred or sold to any other player. They cannot be destroyed, removed or replaced.

    Hunt other fish and take a bite of them to increase your fish weight and reach top of the global Leaderboards. Trade your winning fish for a better one and grow another champion!

    What is Fishbank?

    A peer-to-peer (P2P) player-versus-player (PvP) game for growing, fighting and trading unique digital fish with community-driven economy and immutable gaming assets based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain.

    How to play?

    Requirements to play Fishbank: Chrome or Firefox browser installed with MetaMask extension, some Ether in your digital wallet and a stable Internet connection. Reserve your fish to join the Fishbank Alpha launch.

    Unique opportunity to receive Common or Rare fish tokens. *

    Invite 3 friends & get 1 Common Alpha Fish

    Invite 15 friends & get 1 Rare Alpha Fish

    Invite 100 friends & get 1 Epic Alpha Fish

    Invite 1000 friends & get 1 Legendary Alpha Fish

    Join The Fish Fight! --->>>

    Stage 1 — Alpha Bounty

    On this stage we’d like to invite early adopters to join Alpha and help us test the
    first version of the game in Ethereum mainnet. Only those who have Alpha fish
    tokens will be able to play Fishbank Alpha. We are ready to reward everyone who
    helps us spread a word about the project with Alpha fish tokens. Register to get
    your personal referral link and send it to your friends so you can track the
    progress in personal account.

    Invite at least 3 friends to get Fish tokens & access to Fishbank Alpha.

    Rewards are credited as follows:

    • 3 accepted invitations for Common Alpha Fish
    • 15 accepted invitations for Rare Alpha Fish
    • 100 accepted invitations for Epic Alpha Fish
    • 1000 accepted invitations for Legendary Alpha Fish

    Accepted invitation — friend followed your referral link that has activated
    his account (confirmed his e-mail) and is a real person.

    Step-by-step instructions:

    • Sign up for a personal account at Fishbank ===>>>
    • Activate your account (confirm e-mail)
    • Grab your referral link and send it to friends
    • Check the reward listed in Game Assets ("My Fish" page in your Cabinet)
    • Fill in the Profile with your MetaMask Ether wallet
    • Wait til Jan 28th to receive link for Fishbank Alpha
    • Receive your fish token on wallet you've set in Profile
      If you have not managed to acquire a fish during Alpha Bounty stage and still
      want to try Alpha before the Stable release the only way you can get the Fish
      token is to buy it from other players on the Market.

    Stage 2 — Early Preorder:

    Reserve your guaranteed Fish Token for the Stable version. There will be no
    other chance to choose certain type of new Fish Token after Stable version

    • Common Fish from 0.01 ETH
    • Rare Fish from 0.05 ETH
    • Epic Fish from 0.35 ETH
    • Legendary Fish ~1-5 ETH

    Contribute Fishbank project development with Ether and get guaranteed type of
    fish asset on the Stable release. More details will be announced prior to event.

    Stage 3 — Stable Launch:

    After final version of smart contracts are deployed on the mainnet game logic and
    balance becomes immutable as no one can change the code later or do any
    changes. That makes Fishbank gameplay fully autonomous and independent.
    The only way to get Fish is catching it (random one) from Aquarium or buying
    from other players.

    • Catch random Fish in Aquarium (Common or better) 0.03 ETH
    • Prices on the Market defined by supply and demand

    Join During The ALPHA Stage & Build Your Fish ===>>>

    Preorder Fish:

    There is an unique opportunity to join Fishbank game tests launching Q1 2018. Invite friends to get Common fish or contribute to get guaranteed crypto fish token asset in a stable release.

    Why Preorder?

    One-time offer to select a certain fish you'd like to play in Fishbank.
    After stable game release these assets can be gained by one of the methods:

    1. Catch it in Aquarium — fixed price*, random fish:

    2. Bought on the Market from other players — prices are set by players:

    3. Random Common fish may be acquired by inviting a friend.

    Sign up for a personal account at Fishbank ===>>>

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