Updates to payout process

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    Hi Folks...

    as you might know, we try to give all users the same good feeling and the same amount of earnings, by using our Service..

    As we tried to implement an Fair-Use scheme our Database for activity points was hit by an Bug, this brought with it.

    One affect for "old users" was that Payouts stoped.

    An other unusuall result is that all new accounts, up from User-ID 9737, are actually not rewarded.

    Our whole Team (from Dev's down to Azu) is involved to fix this Issue and to answer all of your questions.

    The issue is fixed now. Sorry for this. In Beta we add new features because we have a lot of testers who give us feedback if something is not working.

    At the moment all new users receive activity points. Also our payouts are send out to you.

    Thanks for your posts and Feedback. We do all we can to fix bugs and implement new features for you.


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