• Hello!! I'm new to
    Can anyone explain to me how this 'Proof of Stake' works?

    Ever since my wallet was sync I keep it open while listen to radios.
    Will I receive those 0.5 BRO ? If yes, how often?

    Thanks! :)

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    Here is how it works:

    my experience is, that you get with 300-500 Bro around 0,5 Bro per week.
    So if you had only 0,1 Bro than it isn´t worth it to let your computer on the whole time.

    You can see how long you have to wait until you get an reward, when you go with your cursor over the lightning in your wallet
    0_1516212638418_Screenshot (82).png

    0_1516212734601_Screenshot (83).png

  • @7onsti07

    Thanks a lot for your answer!! I'll read that wiki you send!

    On the lightning it says: "Not staking because you don't have mature coins"

    Just for you to know, I'm new here and only have 0.1 BRO on my wallet that I got yesterday! :P

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    Welcome to Bitradio and the Community

    when you have 1 Bro, then it show that your network weight is =1
    The coins mature after 8 hours being in your wallet

    Please check out our Telegram Chat:

    or you can join another country/ languages:

  • @7onsti07

    Thanks for your fast answer.

    I'll join Telegram Chat later today!!

    Have a great week! :)

  • At the moment the network weight is 941384.

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every week your need a balance of 187 BRO (network weight / 5040 blocks per week).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every day your need a balance of 1307 BRO (network weight / 720 blocks per day).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every hour your need a balance of 31379 BRO (network weight / 30 blocks per hour).

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