the Bro disappeared from my wallet

  • from my computer wallet I was sent without my intervention
    below wallet listing
    Status: 1155 Confirmations
    Date: 16.01.2018 00:50
    For: BcGs5mMsNEy9aXfSs68x4b6eTxCju6CoKc
    Exit: -50.00 BRO
    Transaction charge: -0.0062 BRO
    Net Amount: -50.0062 BRO
    Transacts ID: 135e50c743d4d9a8fbba3f3a43c4364942636386730898d0607b6b540f69b139-000
    but I did not send anything, I don 't know how it happened I didn 't send it to anyone, nor does it have the address to which it went,
    Is it possible to help me?
    I still thought it might have been my earlier address in the older version of the wallet, but when I downloaded a new
    the version of the wallet, so there were other address receipts, and the old ones were no longer there.
    I have no other explanation, I did not issue a payment order at all

    Today when I started my wallet, I was sent two additional transactions when I was synchronizing. See image to another address přes 3 BRO
    That's strange!!

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