• Hello

    With respect to the masternodes, I read in Bitcointalk that with a VPS 1 GB RAM 5-20 GB hard disk 1 CPU would suffice. Would it serve for ubuntu 16 ?? Or would it be short of resources ?? For each masternode do you need a VPS or with increasing the VPS specifications would suffice?

    Greetings and thanks

  • @yoko

    not sure how hungry Ubuntu 16 is for RAM, with 2 GB you should be on the safe side...

    ...the Sense of Masternode is to harden the Network; so if you run more than one on a Machine it seems senseless to me, as If this Machine wents down more than one Node is taken from the Network!

    cheers Azu

  • Greetings, colleagues!
    Would u pls help me to find the installation guide for the masternode?
    Thank you in advance )

  • Hello

    I have a VPS to run the masternode but it is not set up well, I have tried 3 or 4 times but I must do wrong some step, or edit the .conf wrong

    Someone could give some clue, no need to video ;)

    Greetings and thanks

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