Raspberry Pi 3 BRO Wallet setup

  • Hello, finally I have bought my Raspberry Pi 3 minicomputer and I want to share my insight on how to setup Bitradio wallet on this platform.

    1. You need 3 things: Raspberry Pi 3 pack (the minicomputer, power supply and optionally - casing), the microSD memory card (16GB is more than enough for long term wallet setup) and if you're using monitor with VGA cable - HDMI to VGA adapter (because Raspberry Pi only have HDMI socket).

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Right now I'm actually waiting for adapter to arrive. It'll be tomorrow, so I'll complete this guide when I'll have all the parts.

    12.02 update: The adapter still has not arrived. National post office and cheap economic letters suck. I don't have a choice, I have to wait, but I know this is the last time, I'm using their services. The letter with adapter was sent on Wednesday last week. It should arrive today after 3 working days, but it didn't.

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