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  • Hello.

    It incredible luck we have this site. But. I try attrct new users, but they register and abandon Bitradio. I think they don't ubderstand value of coins and can't use website itself...

    What for me, first time I saw this site I don't understand what is it... Until one man show me. I did description in my blog. People register and abandon all again... They don't need money really?!

    I think it need made some changes. And more, if no sound on station, script to claim not work...

  • Do you understand the value of the coins? I don't think hardly....
    And I hope you're not trying to feed your family from it. :)
    Why do you want to attract new users? You know, hopefully, that every new user reduces your "earnings" and the earnings of all other users?
    It is promised to pay 120 BRO per hour to the users, but in reality it is less than half.
    So I don't recruit new users....

  • @Hui Well, more earnings to you. I've stopped listening to Bitradio because of ReCaptcha, that is making my life as hard as it can. I have over 5300 BRO in my wallet, so in a short while, I'll be able to earn from staking 24/7 with Raspberry Pi. It'll give me more BRO than listening to radio. Much more.

  • @Ractaros96
    Isn't it more profitable to run a Masternode?

  • @Hui For masternode you need static IP adress. Mine is changing from time to time. Besides, it's more long-term investment and I need to have my BROs available for withdrawal and selling on exchange at all times.

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