Portable Wallet or Multiwallet

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    How to make a wallet on a portable device or multiple wallets on the same device:

    1 - Choose the place where you will hold your wallet dir
    2 - Create folder "Bitradio1" there
    3 - Copy file "Bitradio-qt-v1001.exe" in folder "Bitradio1"
    4 - Create in folder "Bitradio1" new folder "data"
    5 - Copy file "blk0001.dat" and folder "txleveldb" in created folder "data" from the Bitradio dir
    6 - Rename "Bitradio-qt-v1001.exe" to the "Bitradio1.exe"
    7 - Press Win+R and type "cmd" and press Enter
    8 - Now type there:
    echo start Bitradio1.exe -datadir=./data > %homepath%/Desktop/Bitradio.cmd
    9 - Move file "Bitradio.cmd" from Desktop to the "Bitradio1" folder
    10 - start the Bitradio.cmd
    the advantage of this method is that you can create shortcuts of the wallets (the .cmd) e.g. on the desktop

    Notice: you must always start the wallet via the Bitradio.cmd file

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