Raspberry pi auto wallet backup

  • To automatically backup your wallet we are going to use a gui cron scheduler
    visual task scheduler
    open a terminal
    sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule
    hit y to continue when prompted

    next i followed this guide

    sudo apt-get install ssmtp
    hit y to continue when prompted

    edit ssmtp settings
    sudo nano /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf
    add the following to the bottom with your information


    Use your email address for root, and your gmail username and password for AuthUser and AuthPass

    i had trouble with authentication and found this
    so i generated an app password and used that instead of my gmail password and it worked fine
    an app password is only required and available if you have two factor authentification on
    if you dont have two factor on you will need to go to https://myaccount.google.com/security
    and turn on Allow less secure apps:

    install mpack to send mail with attachment
    sudo apt-get install mpack

    to test
    sudo mpack -s subject /home/pi/.Bitradio/wallet.dat youremail@gmail.com

    so you now have a wallet backup in your email

    on desktop right click and Create New -> Empty File
    i called mine backup.sh

    add the following to the backup.sh file you just made
    sudo mpack -s subject /home/pi/.Bitradio/wallet.dat youremail@gmail.com && exit

    make backup.sh executable
    sudo chmod +x /home/pi/Desktop/backup.sh

    double click the file and choose execute to make sure it works from the sh file

    ok, now we set it up to automatically run
    pi menu -> Systen Tools -> Scheduled Tasks

    when it opens click new and select A task that launches recurrently
    for Description i put emailbackup but you can call it whatever you want
    for command i put sudo sh /home/pi/Desktop/backup.sh
    leave it set to default behavior
    next to the basic radio button use the dropdown and select every minute
    click add at the bottom
    i got a warning about the working directory either click ok or dont show again

    wait for a minute and check you email to see if it worked
    as soon as it works go back to Scheduled Tasks and click on the task you created click edit at the top and change it to whatever timeframe you want your backups

    congratulations your pi will now automatically send you a wallet backup daily weekly or whatever you have it set to

    if you have any problems let me know

    if anyone finds this useful and wants to give me a tip my bro address is BboMtSpCuYsQzbtgnr9nLMkUdVHALvAX3F

  • @wllmllr Well, I'm for once using my wallet on both PC and Raspberry, because when I set wallet to stake on Raspberry, I'll only check it on PC, cause Raspberry won't be connected to the monitor for most of the time. I think that almost no one will use their wallet only on Raspberry. Besides, I'm using backup software on PC and it backups the wallet.dat file daily. Those backups are first saved on my external drive and then synced with my Google Drive from it. So I have it saved in 4 places now: my PC, Raspberry, External HDD and Google Drive. You probably can't be more safe than that :)

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