Wallet Transfer and pay out adress

  • Hi all,

    i would like to transfer my wallet from one pc to another.

    Is this possible?
    Do i have to follow the backup / restore guides?

    Also in my profile at bitrad.io i see a pay-out address. In bitradio wallet when i press receive button i see a different address.Should these two be identical to receive my BRO from streaming?

    If any experienced user can give me a heads up i will be much obliged.

    Thank you for your time reading this.


  • For the wallet transfer just copy the wallet.dat file in your Appdata and save it on a USB Stick.
    Then install the Bitradio Wallet on your new PC and replace the new wallet.dat with the from your USB stick.

    And your Withdraw adress shouldbe the same on bitrad.io and in your wallet.

  • Thank you much for your answer,

    but i already have some BRO in the address that exists in my profile on bitrad.io site.

    If i put the one i have in the wallet how the BRO's of the first adress will come to my wallet?

    Thank you much for your time.


  • Do you mean you have BRO in your Payout Adress? If it's on the website you can change the Payout adress.

  • @WlanWernerWorld
    ok i managed to retrieve the bro.

    I just overwrote the wallet.dat with a copy i kept elsewhere and everything is fine now.

    Thank you for your help.

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