Auto Start of a Masternode without opening another client all the time

  • Hey Guys,

    here a simple question... after a restart of my VPS i have to manually restart the work of my masternode... Is there any possibiliy to let the work start autmatically without going to my desktop client and press the button masternode start?

    thanks in advance

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    what do you mean with another client?

    you create a file in the Bitradio folder and name it masternode.conf

    all in one line!

    Format: alias IP:port masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index

    Example: mn1 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0

    when you open your local wallet you got to Masternodes>Mymasternodes and click on update. your masternodes are shown there.

    Notice: when the masternode is not in the list do not click on start again and again, wait until your wallet is connceted to all nodes.

  • i know it, but when i restart my vps (where my masternode is installed and running (put it to autostart there)) i have to go to my local wallet and hit start again, cause there is the name masternode not running/not in list and so on... i have my 8 connections on my local wallet and about 50 on my masternode wallet (vps)

    So again the question, is it possible to let my masternode (vps) start the masternode work on his own?

    Also i dont got any new blocks for the last 3 days... its a little bit weird too... :/

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    to start the masternode you need the hotwallet on which the coins are ... if you reboot your vps and then the coldwallets within an hour then your MN should just keep on running you can monitor that on /

    I am of the opinion that this is not possible without the client with the coins ... let me surprise and teach a better when it works ...

    btw on our telegram are more user that maybe can help with different issues and OS ... feel free to pop over :)

  • the problem is, that the hotwallet (where my coins are) is disconnecting my ethernet connection from time to time...

    also i thought, that the Masternode is also a hotwallet (just with 0 coins)

    can i start all masternodes with a command (like Bitradiod masternodes start) cause if its possible I will make another wallet with the same private keys on my Raspberry... Then I just have to start my local wallet from time to time :)

  • when moving the private key with the 2500 coins to the masternode's wallet you can start the masternode with follwing command:

    Bitradiod masternode start

    First command is to start Bitradio wallet at all, second command will start the masternode (need of the 2500 coins in the nodes wallet). When the wallet is encrypted you will need to unlock it first.

    For all guys, who restart their hotwallet on their local pc and the masternode says its not shown in list/not running. Here is a simple instruction to check if the masternode ist running or not.

    Bitradiod masternode status

    This command shows you which status your masternode is atm... For me it says Status 0 when not running and status 9 when running. Also the "vin" shows me something like "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint([random Numbers and Letters, 1), scriptSig=)", instead of "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(0000000000, 1), scriptSig=)", when not running.

    hope this helps you other guys :D

    Commands are just for Linux users (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

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