• Is it normal that the Client (windowsQT keeps disabling your connection from time to time??? i use my computer mostly for work/gaming and its kinda annoying when you get kicked from game cause of internet dc and your online edited work cant save/bugs out cause of missing connection...

    As soon as I close the client I have no more connection resets.

    The connection reset is like I would plug out my internet cable and plug it back in about 20 secs later... So why can a programm dc my network, when it dont has any administrator rights???

  • @Jafu29 This wallet is unstable, i get freeze sometime.... So your problem is normal :) I think this wallet is just a copy paste from blackcoin old version or something like that

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    i have no idea what the issue could be, i had never issues like that..

    I have not seen anything like that yet...

  • @udev i got the freezes sometimes too, so that isnt any problem to me, cause only the wallet freezes and not my whole computer... but the connection bug is kinda annoying

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