How much can you earn with Bitradio

  • Hi guys,

    I've made a test and listened about 700 minutes radio. My "income" is now 0.10367400 BRO. Using a crypto currency calculator, it is 0,020826 USD . Hence, just 2 US-Cent for 700 minutes for listening radio?

    Is this a joke or do I overlook something?

  • Its not a thing you could live from... So why should you get more than just some US-Cents for a free service??? You can say its a faucet...

    If you create a Masternode you can earn atm about 20-30 US-Cent/day per Masternode you are running... So feel free to create some and promote the coin (push the price) so you can earn more US-Cents ;)

  • Hi Jafu,

    thanks for your reply. I am not an blockchain expert but if I understand it correctly, I generate crypto currency by providing processing power from my computer, right? Besides that, higher processing power means higher electricity costs which I need to pay (correct me, if I wrong)? If so, then it is not really for free :slight_smile:

    It is a pity, for the idea with Bitradio is not bad. But there are better possibilities to earn money, e.g. with steemit.

  • @domaxi198 Bitradio is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin... Bitcoin is a PoW Coin (Proof of Work). As more ppl are using that coin the more work needs to get done, so you need more power to get the work done... Bitradido is a PoS coin (Proof of Stake) the work is just done imaginary... As more coins you own, the more often you will get choosen to create a new Block (staking) also there are nodes called Masternodes to do this work (process transactions and anonymise these if wanted). If I use 1000 Bitradio for staking i can say I will get about 0.5 (+transaction fees of the block) every few days aprox when providing a Masternode i will get about 1.34 (+ transaction fees of the blocks) every day (provided by so most work is done by the masternodes, not your computer... The possibility to earn some Bitradio for listening to music is the profit you can earn BRO without any need of provide your computer/wallet for staking or to create a masternode...

    Sry for my "bad" English (im not native English), I hope you can understand what I want to tell you... :)
    if there are any more questions, feel free to ask... I try to answer them as good as I can ;)

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